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With so many vehicles on the road at any given time, it's no surprise auto accidents account for thousands of serious injuries each and every year. Even minor fender benders can leave drivers with lifelong issues. If you were recently involved in a crash, you may be entitled to compensation. Turn to Kuenzel Law, PLLC for help with motor vehicle law inĀ Chapmanville and throughout Logan County, WV.

You shouldn't be left with the bill after someone else's negligent driving. Your car accident lawyer will fight hard to reach the maximum settlement in your case.

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Recover from your injuries without years of financial hardship

With nearly a decade of experience as a state trooper, attorney Kuenzel knows exactly what to look for in a vehicle accident case. Using investigative skills he picked up in law enforcement, he'll help you get the highest possible payment for medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages and emotional distress.

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