Consult a tenacious criminal defense attorney in Chapmanville, Logan County, WV

Facing criminal charges can be scary and overwhelming, no matter the severity of the crime. A criminal conviction can mean heavy fines, jail time, and a stained reputation for the rest of your life. Start gathering evidence for your defense as soon as possible. Turn to Kuenzel Law, PLLC to retain a top-rated criminal defense attorney in the Chapmanville and Logan County, WV area.

Serving 10 years as a state trooper and over 19 years as a criminal attorney, Rob Kuenzel of Kuenzel Law, PLLC has an in-depth understanding of criminal law from both sides of the aisle. You can turn to our law firm if you've been charged with:

Traffic violations
Drug charges

We'll gather all of the necessary evidence to start building your case right away. Call now to retain a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Pick apart the prosecution

Being charged with DUI may seem like the end of the road, but an experienced DUI lawyer can help you reduce the sentence or have charges dropped altogether. Attorney Kuenzel will investigate every angle and challenge factors like:

  • The actions of the arresting officer
  • The equipment used
  • Your criminal record, or lack thereof
  • Video evidence
  • The accuracy and legitimacy of a field sobriety test

Not all of the evidence presented by the prosecution can be trusted in a court of law. To learn more about your legal options, reach out to your local DUI lawyer.